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NASB to be Present at Various Events in 2006

Here are some of the international broadcasting meetings where the NASB will be represented during the first several months of 2006:

The HFCC, or High Frequency Coordinating Conference, takes place twice each year to coordinate frequency and schedule plans for the shortwave bands worldwide.  The next meeting is coming up on February 13 to 17 in Hainan, a subtropical island off the south coast of China.  The NASB always attends these meetings to represent our member stations and to work with the official delegation of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.  This time Jeff Lecureux and George Ross of Trans World Radio (KTWR) in Guam will be the NASB representatives at the HFCC Conference.  Guam, of course, is a US territory in the Pacific Ocean, so the folks from KTWR wonít have to travel too far to attend the HFCC in China.

Then on March 3 and 4, thereís the annual Shortwave Listeners Winterfest, a meeting for shortwave listeners and DXers in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.  This year NASB member station WMLK in nearby Bethel, Pennsylvania, will be representing NASB at the SWL Winterfest.  Engineer Gary McAvin and his team look forward to meeting a lot of shortwave listeners from around North America and beyond at this convention, which is always a lot of fun for shortwave enthusiasts.  If you want more information on the event, check out the web page:

On May 11, many NASB members will be participating in the 2006 meeting of the United States DRM, or Digital Radio Mondiale, Committee.  And the following day, May 12, is our own annual meeting of the NASB.  We are very pleased to announce that both of these meetings are being hosted this year by NASB member Adventist World Radio at the AWR world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, which is just outside of Washington, DC.  As we get closer to these meetings, more information will be available on our NASB website, which is  Make your plans now to attend.  Again this year, there will be no registration fee.  Hotel information will be available on the website shortly.

Looking down the road just a bit further, to July 28 through 30, the NASB will be represented by member station WRMI in Miami at the 2006 National Meeting of Mexican Dxers.  This yearís meeting is being held outside of central Mexico for the first time.  The location is the city of Ascension, in the state of Chihuahua.  Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico, and it borders the US.  In fact, Ascension is only a couple hoursí drive southwest of El Paso, Texas.  So the organizers are hoping to have a number of DXers and shortwave listeners from the United States at the event this year.  SWLs from all parts of Mexico and several other countries attend this annual meeting, as well as representatives of shortwave stations in Mexico and abroad.  And language is never a barrier, as lots of people there speak English.  Itís a lot of fun, and a chance to experience the real culture of Mexico.  For example, Chihuahua state has the most important archeological ruins in northern Mexico, as well as the impressive Copper Canyon, which is larger than the Grand Canyon in the U.S.  The Mexican DX clubs cordially invite listeners from anywhere in the world to attend in Ascension, Chihuahua, July 28-30.  For more information, you can go to the WRMI website,, and click on "Mexican National DX Meeting."†††††††

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The NASB's official representatives at the A06 High Frequency Coordination Conference in Hainan, China, from February 13-17 will be George Ross and Jeff LeCureux of KTWR-Guam.  They will be working with Tom Lucey of the FCC as part of the FCC delegation.  The NASB is now a member of the HFCC, but it participates in the conferences as part of the FCC delegation.

We encourage NASB member stations who do not have their own representatives at the HFCC conference to submit their latest A06 schedule requests to George and Jeff so that they can make sure the schedules are accurate at the HFCC.  (Of course, stations should have already submitted their requests to the FCC International Bureau.)  Member stations' frequency managers can have access to a private area of the HFCC website which contains collision lists based on the latest submissions.  George and Jeff can assist stations during the conference with any collisions that they may have with other stations. 

If you are a frequency manager for an NASB member station and you would like a user ID and password for the HFCC website, contact Jeff White at as soon as possible.  Also, if you would like to contact George Ross and Jeff LeCureux during the HFCC conference, send an e-mail to that same address ( ), and your mail will be forwarded to a special secure e-mail address that George and Jeff will have access to in Hainan.  They can then contact you directly if necessary.

Glen Tapley of NASB member station WEWN also plans to attend the HFCC in Hainan.

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At the February 2006 HFCC Conference in Hainan, China, there will be elections for three Steering Board positions.  One of these is HFCC Chairman.  The current (and founding) chairman is Oldrich Cip of Radio Prague, and he is the only one nominated for this position.  The second post is Systems Development Coordinator, which deals with software management for the HFCC database, etc.  This post is currently held by Jan Willem Drexhage of Radio Netherlands, and Jan Willem is the only one nominated for this position as well.  The third position is Rapporteur (i.e. Secretary).  The current HFCC Rapporteur is Dennis Thompson of VT Merlin Communications, who has performed this job very ably for many years now.  Dennis is retiring, and the only nomination to fill the post is for Geoff Spells, also of VT Merlin.  See more about some of Geoffís current activities below.

For many years now, the HFCC has had very close cooperation with the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), and all HFCC conferences are now joint HFCC-ASBU conferences.  Bassil Zoubi, from Tunisia -- a longtime member of the HFCC-ASBU Steering Board, will now be assisted by two other ASBU delegates -- Mahmood Al Rheda and Moaz Abu Al-Soud from Emirates Media in the United Arab Emirates.  Both Mahmood and Moaz were very involved in the organization of the highly-successful HFCC Conference in Dubai in February 2004.  Mahmood Al Rheda is now the official contact person for the Arab States Broadcasting Union. 

Yousef Ghadaksaz of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) is the new chairman of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Unionís HF coordination group.  Yousef and his delegation are regular participants in the HFCC-ASBU conferences.

HFCC vice chairman Horst Scholz has suggested that an FAQ section should be added to the public area of the HFCC website to provide more information about the HFCC/ASBU and its activities to the general public.  The Steering Board has endorsed this idea.  The HFCC web page is:


The Association of German Radio Listeners (ADDX) recently asked the HFCC to schedule analogue and DRM transmissions in different portions of the HF bands, since their members have encountered interference from DRM transmissions while trying to hear analogue shortwave broadcasts.  The HFCC said that there are a number of reasons why this arrangement would be difficult to achieve in practice.  For example, setting aside parts of the HF bands for DRM-only transmissions would "sterilize" those parts of those bands in areas of the world where DRM is not currently used.  Thus, such an arrangement would be less spectrum-efficient.  However, the HFCC said it would encourage its members to try to schedule their DRM transmissions in clusters.  For example, it was suggested that some of the long daytime DRM transmissions on 7 MHz could be clustered together in a part of that band with Radio Netherlands, Deutsche Welle and Merlin taking the initiative.  However, it is understood that this will need good cooperation from other HFCC/ASBU members in those instances where the transmissions of other members are involved.  It was also recognized that some of the DXer complaints about interference refer to analogue transmissions that are not beamed to their target area.

Geoff Spells of Merlin reported that preparations for WRC07 (World Radiocommunication Conference 2007) are not progressing very well.  Geoff says that although it is generally accepted that broadcasters have made a good case for their need for additional spectrum, the provision of that extra space would cause so many problems for other services that it is an almost impossible task.  According to Geoff, many national telecommunication administrations have taken a position that additional spectrum for broadcasters is not needed.  At present, only France, the Netherlands and the UK are pushing for additional spectrum for broadcasters in the international arena.  Geoff says that if this situation continues, there will not be a European Common Proposal for broadcast spectrum expansion at the WRC07.

Geoff Spells indicated that at one time NATO seemed willing to relinquish some of its spectrum to the broadcasting service providing certain conditions were met.  However, this position seems to have changed now, possibly due to intense lobbying efforts by the United States.

Geoff Spells said that this is a key issue for all HFCC/ASBU members, who must actively undertake to make both their own administration, as well as the administrations of any countries from which they transmit, aware of the need for additional HF broadcasting spectrum.  In this way it is hoped that more administrations will support the Resolution 544 part of Agenda Item 1.13 at WRC07.  He will be producing a form letter that can be used by HFCC/ASBU members to facilitate their lobbying of administrations.  Copies of this letter and other relevant documentation will be placed on the HFCC website.

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Jacques Bouliane of CBC Transmission Services reports that they have recently purchased a second DRM exciter, which will give them more DRM capacity than at present.  Despite a recent increase in electricity rates in Canada, prices for DRM airtime will remain the same.  Incidentally, Jacques says that they have analogue airtime available during the local North American daytime hours for those who would like to do supplementary shortwave transmissions during these hours.  For more information, contact Jacques Bouliane at or by telephone at +1-514-597-7618.
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WINB Nudged off 9320 kHz


In recent months, a number of private US shortwave broadcasters have been required to move off coordinated out-of-band (oob) channels.One such instance happened in mid-January.NASB Member WINB was asked to vacate 9320 kHz because of interference reported by Andrews Air Force Base.


Oob operation, largely successful for all involved parties for many years, is permitted on a non-interference basis.If a service with primary assignment on or near the oob channel claims interference from the oob operation, the FCC requires the broadcaster to leave the channel.


Various security and emergency response concerns of recent times have escalated the importance of HF frequencies for communication in the perception of many entities.The impact of this shift of perception results in fewer channels available for shortwave broadcasters.(See the lead article in the December 2005 issue of the NASB Newsletter.)The short supply of usable channels for shortwave broadcasting is exacerbated by the present HF propagation conditions.HF broadcasters get compressed into the lower frequency bands during the ebb of the solar activity cycle (especially during nighttime hours).


No relief is in sight for several more years.Present forecasts indicate that this solar cycle will bottom out in early 2007.Looks definitely like wall-to-wall occupancy in the propagating bands during prime time hours for the next few years!


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Updated Term Status for NASB Board Members and Officers

In preparation for our upcoming Annual Meeting, here is the Status for
Board members and officers:

(Designation of Board term relates to current consecutive term/s, not
overall total Board terms)

For May 2005 - May 2006

Adams, Mike †††††††††† 1st year of 1st Board term--- Vice-President

Caudill, Charles††††††††† 3rd year of 1st Board term

Dempsey, Dennis††††††† 2nd year of 1st Board term(no longer with NASB)

Elyea, Dan †††††††††††††††† ††not on Board--- Secretary/Treasurer

Garlinger, Doug†††††† †††††3rd year of 1st Board term--- President

Hunter, Paul††††††††††††††††† 2nd year of 2nd Board term

Meyer, Jacob†††††††††††††††† 1st year of 2nd Board term

White, Jeff†††††††††††††††††††† not on Board Asst ---Secretary-Treasurer

For May 2006 - May 2007

Mike Adams will be serving the 2nd year of his 1st Board term.

Paul Hunter will resign from the Board as of the May 2006 Annual

Elder Jacob Meyer will be serving the 2nd year of his 2nd Board term.

At this upcoming meeting in May 2006 we need to elect at least one, and up to four Board members (four for a full slate). (Charles Caudill is eligible to serve a second term.)   We invite representatives of NASB member stations who are interested in serving on the Board to submit their names to Secretary-Treasurer Dan Elyea (at as soon as possible.  Please remember that theby-laws require that Board candidates must have attended at least one annual meeting in the past.

Here are some applicable quotes from the NASB By-laws:

"SECTION 1. General Powers. The property and business of the Corporation shall be managed under the direction of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

"SECTION 2. Number, Term of Office and Eligibility.
a. Number. The number of directors shall be no more than six (6) and no
less than three (3).

b. Term of Office. The Directors shall serve for a three (3) year term staggered such that one third are elected at annual meetings. Directors may not serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms, but maybe re-elected after a one (1) year absence.

c. Eligibility. Directors must be voting members or representatives of voting members who have themselves previously attended an annual meeting as a member or representative of a member of the association.

"SECTION 3. Nomination and Election of Directors. The Nominating Committee shall recommend a slate of directors to the members of the Corporation at the time of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation.Nominations for Director may be made by any member during the annual meeting."

"The officers shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors at its first meeting following the annual meeting of the members except where a longer term is expressly provided in an employment contract duly authorized by the Board of directors. The President and Vice President shall be Directors and the other officers may, but need not be, Directors".



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